About Us

The Barking Dog Market

EST. 2002

At The Barking Dog Market, we know cats and dogs are great life companions. We also know the everyday hassles and responsibility that it brings to your life as a PAWrent. 

We aim to promote a responsible pawrenting as well as an active lifestyle for both the pets and their hoomans. Our wide product selection is based on that mind frame, and then some to pamper them. 

Problem solvers, gadgets, toys, grooming supplies, clothing, decor,  accessories… Find some for your pet, some for your home and some for you- because you deserve it!

Our Story

Spot. That was the name of the dog that inspired us to start this journey in 2002. He was around four years old when we rescued him. One day, he was there in front of our house, under the rain, a little white dog with black spots all over – we immediately took him in- or he took us in.

Before Spot, we only had a parakeet as a pet. We were never too close to any animals when growing up. But Spot made us realize how brilliant animals are, and how much happiness they bring into their owners’ lives.

Since that day, our admiration and celebration towards pets only grew. One of the many initiatives we started was a magazine dedicated to educate about the healthy coexistence of us and domestic animals. Later we created an organization that promotes an active lifestyle for both the pets and their owners through hiking trips- an activity every dog owner should practice. We still do this up to this day, gathering around 40 dogs and their hoomans every month. 

Now, we opened this market to reach customers all over the world and showcase products that can make the journey of pawrents easier, more enjoyable, and responsible as they care for their pets.

Our Promise

If you are not happy, we are not happy. We’re here for you and any concern or question you might have. Count on us to be on top of the best alternatives and innovations available for the care and love of these great life companions. Enjoy the ride!