About Us

Our journey started around 2002, when in front of our house I saw this little white with black spots dog, covering from the rain. We took him in, named him Spot after learning he had no one and the vets check. Spot was around 4 years old when we rescued him.

I must say that before Spot, I only had a parakeet as a pet, and never had being exposed to animals that close. That’s when I started to realize how brilliant animals are.

The admiration and celebration of the specie only grew from there. We launched a pets magazine and later created an organization that promotes an active lifestyle for both dogs and owners, by coordinating hiking trips. We still do this every month and gather around 40 persons with their dogs to join us. On the walks we learned that in order to have a happy dog, take them to hike.

Our goal with this store is to make available for people like us products that can make this life journey more enjoyable, easy and responsibly.

We value the quality of life we can provide to our pets. That’s why we choose toys that can fulfill entertainment; collars, leashes, bags and more to promote an active lifestyle for you both. Also training solutions to train the “good boy/good girl” inside your pet.

We value the quality of life of PAWrents. That’s why we focus on identifying solutions and alternatives of the everyday hassle of having a pet in the house. How we do it? Offering you selection of proved products that will help keeping a house looking and smelling clean, and -going a bit further with decorative items to highlight spaces. Great gadgets also makes the list, featuring those that can make our life easier.

Dogs and Cats are great life partners. Enjoy the ride!